Lifestyle Intervention project in type 2 Diabetes

Dr Paul Welsh, Prof Naveed Sattar, Prof Jason Gill, Dr Stuart Gray and Dr Jennifer Louge have been awarded 880k to conduct a lifestyle intervention project in type 2 diabetes patients living in Kuwait. There is a high burden of diabetes in Kuwait, and they need to try to design interventions that might tackle adverse lifestyle has become common for reasons relating to culture and weather. Following the success of the DiRECT trial.


One day 5 Dasman Institute organized a scientific conference on «diabetes» in cooperation with the University of Glasgow Scottish presented by Dr. Naveed Star, in the title "Vitamin D Day 2 of the conference presented and dyspepsia Executive Director Dr. Jason revealed two lectures and the first medical sector in the School of the first two scientific addresses the third and final day of Dasman Diabetes, which was created by lifestyle and prevention Of the conference, which included two lectures.

The Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Science and Control of Diabetes, the first entitled "Indicators d. Abha Al-Aziri organized and the second on the vital ethnic origin to predict the risks with diabetes, followed by the disease of vascular University of Glasgow Scottish lecture by Dr. Paul Welsh, a heart of the public and sick for three days at the headquarters of consultants and specialists in the field of research at the University of Journalist the conference began on the first day lecture entitled diabetes and heart disease.

Are we doing any diabetes progress, Paul Welsh followed by a scientific lecture concluded after the conference, bore the title of sleep presented by Dr He explained that these lectures were interactive, where the questions and scientific discussions on the topics addressed by the lecturers, stressing that the organization of this conference comes in the belief of the Dasman Institute of the importance of scientific research and in line with his mission to spread awareness about diabetes and its various complications and contribute to raising levels of services Medical and improve the quality of life.


First published: 19 November 2018