PIVOTAL Case Study

SCMH researcher John McMurray and School of Health and Wellbeing researcher Ian Ford were part of the team that published the PIVITOL report to the American Journal of Nephrology.

PIVOTAL is a pioneering clinical trial investigating the optimum amount of intravenous iron that can be given to patients on dialysis to treat anaemia effectively and safely.

A complication of being treated for kidney failure using haemodialysis is that patients develop anaemia and iron deficiency. This is a condition that leaves people feeling exhausted and seriously reduces quality of life. Patients are given intravenous iron to treat the condition, but there is limited consistency across the NHS and worldwide, as to how much is administered, because there is no research evidence available.

The trial gathered evidence from two different clinical approaches. Some patients were given high doses of iron to increase the levels of iron in their body (proactive high-dose) whilst another group received lower doses of iron only as per normal routine treatment when their iron levels got too low (reactive low-dose).

It is the largest renal clinical trial ever undertaken exclusively in the UK.

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First published: 5 December 2018