Dr Lorraine Work's lab welcomed a Newton Bhabha PhD Placement Program student.

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It was in the middle of 2017 when I first contacted Dr Lorraine Work in order to apply for the British Council-Govt. of India jointly funded program called “Newton Bhabha PhD Placement Program”. I was among hundreds of students who applied for this program and turned out to be lucky enough to be one amongst 25 students selected by the British Council for this program. I joined Dr Work’s group on 4th June 2018 for a period of 4 months with clearly defined objectives of research work during my tenure.

Personally, it was a whole new experience to join a different lab in a different country in the middle of my ongoing PhD. The work culture, the social circle and the geographical conditions, all were different and I had to take minimum time to adjust myself in the new setup. But, the research group of Dr Work was very kind to make me comfortable and begun to teach me all the new techniques that I had come here to learn. They were helpful, kind and considerate.

My visit to the University of Glasgow has been very successful for many reasons. I have been able to learn new techniques which I couldn’t have managed to learn in my home institution. I have been able to learn cell culture and in vitro stroke models. Additionally, I learnt qRT-PCR for gene expression studies and immunohistochemistry for tissue samples. I was kindly given access to observe certain sophisticated procedures such as laser speckle contrast imaging and middle cerebral artery occlusion in which Dr Work’s team was expert. The experiments I completed using these models and techniques were in harmony with my ongoing PhD work. This has helped me to broaden my knowledge about my objectives in PhD and also yielded some interesting results.

I have got fantastic professional and personal support from the University staff and Dr Work’s research group including Dr Work herself. They have made all efforts to make these 4 months fruitful at work. Besides work, the group outings and gatherings I enjoyed during this tenure are worth cherishing forever.

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The University of Glasgow itself has been a great place to be based at as it offered me a world-leading research working culture in a high quality lab and I have learned several new techniques from well experienced, friendly and warm people. The city Glasgow has added a lot of personal, professional and social memories into my life. I would certainly wish to come here again. Many thanks to the British Council and Govt. of India for giving me this once in a lifetime opportunity!

First published: 18 December 2018