Athena Swan - May 2018

We achieved a fantastic 82% completion rate of Athena SWAN questionnaire!

Thank you to everyone who completed the questionnaire and especially to those that publicised the questionnaire in their own areas. We are now analysing the results ahead of writing in the application. The first draft of the silver application will be written in October 2018 with internal review after that. Submission is April 2019.

We will be approaching a range of staff in the school to review sections of the application and look forward to your help with that process so we can get the application as good as possible.


Dont forget! Family friendly HR policies and Maternity leave policy can be found within the SCMH AthenSwan - Initiatives website.

full link here; Athena SWAN - HR policies and maternity leave cover policy


 If you have any questions regarding our Athena Swan Initiatives please contact Dr Jennifer Logue initially.

First published: 9 February 2018