BHF Scotland Annual Parliamentary Reception


Dr Martin McBride, Tony Workman and other colleagues and PhD students from SCMH recently attended the British Heart Foundation Annual Parliamentary Reception hosted by the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh. It was a very enjoyable experience with a number of speakers highlighting some challenges faced by the population of Scotland. There were some very personnel accounts of their experiences of cardiovascular disease emphasising why they are so passionate about raising funds for research undertaken by those funded by the BHF.

The definite highlight was to come face-to-face and spend some time with fundraisers for the BHF from all around Scotland. They spoke with quite a few members of the public and were genuinely impressed with their commitment to the fund raising activities. They were very impressed with their enthusiasm for the research undertaken by those receiving funds from the BHF.

fund raiser

“It is not very often that I have had this kind of opportunity apart giving tours around the school, although the reaction is very much the same. I was amazed and surprised how interested people were in the work that we do, not just the more obvious clinical work, but also the basic science. They really get the advantages of understanding disease at a basic level and understand the potential this has for future treatment of cardiovascular disease”- Dr Martin Mcbride  

Dr Mcbride goes on to say that it was not a one-way process and it was “fascinating for Tony Workman and I to meet Siva and Benjamin (#livindians @livindians) who are both active fundraisers for the BHF from the Livingston area”. Siva and Benjamin spoke about their fund raising efforts hosting a variety of events throughout the year including their annual badminton competition that was hosted this year on the 21st of March (

Their motivations for raising money for the BHF were particularly interesting. They were well aware of the increased risk of cardiovascular disease in south Asian populations, however, they also firmly believe the innovative research undertaken in this country, funded by the BHF, will benefit other countries around the world particularly the emerging economies where cardiovascular disease is such a huge problem.


Speaking of fundraising Dr Mcbride also highlighted “the Kilt walk taking place in Glasgow on the 29th of April, there are a range of family options as well as the full 23 miles” for more details clink on the link:


First published: 4 April 2018