Two special issues from SCMH in Hypertension Journal

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As a leading centre for cardiovascular research, SCMH were requested to contribute to a special issue for Hypertension Journal, a journal endorsed by the World Hypertension League.

SCMH academics rose up to the challenge, contributing a wide variety of reviews, case reports and commentary displaying the school’s dedication to world-class clinical hypertension and cardiovascular  research.

In order to showcase the volume of high-quality submissions, Hypertension Journal expanded the publication to span two full special issues (linked below). 

The issues were co-edited Dr Linsay McCallum and Prof Sandosh Padmanabhan who are grateful to all the contributors.

The full-text of the first article can be obtained here.

The full-text of the second article can be obtained here.

First published: 20 May 2022