Mitochondrial Bioenergetics virtual lab experience for the students

Due to COVID restrictions the Boyd-Orr Labs were out of bounds this semester so a virtual lab simulation was organised for L3 Biochemistry students. In collaboration with Praxilabs and funded by the School Dr John Mercer designed and implemented a fully interactive Mitochondrial Bioenergetics virtual lab experience for the students. This was setup to be near identical to what they would experience on the day.

Image of Lab


The simulation is accessible only through Moodle and was fully interactive for the students to setup the equipment and run the standard lab protocol but all virtually. Upon successful completion the students downloaded their data set from which they could complete their lab reports. There was even a virtual blackboard for in lab quizzes. 

Going forward we’d like to develop this further and use it as an introduction for when labs resume and hopefully the content can be extended to other classes. If anyone is interested they can get in contact with Dr Mercer who will be happy to coordinate. Praxilabs already have an extensive back catalogue of lab simulations from Western Blot to virtual PCR, across biology, chemistry and physic labs.

First published: 24 May 2021