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We welcome Anas Dighriri to SCMH. Anas obtained a Bachelor of Science from school of medicine in West Virginia University majoring in Exercise physiology with minor of Aquatic therapy. And a Master of Science in rehabilitation science and technology from University of Pittsburgh (2019). Currently, he is a first year PhD student in Cardiovascular Sciences in the School of Cardiovascular & Metabolic Health under the supervision of Dr.Stuart Gray and James Boyle

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Research summary:

The goal is to find out how does the time of the day (circadian rhythm) affects metabolic response with resistance exercise for people type 2 diabetes. However, the focus at this moment is the effect of circadian rhythm on metabolic response with physical activity or exercise in general for adults. Then from the results we could be more specific on what type of exercise and what type of population.  

First published: 19 February 2021