SCMH Staff @ The Lighthouse Lab

The Lighthouse Lab at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is now fully operational for essential COVID-19 testing.

Lighthouse Lab building image
Link to University News - Lighthouse Lab

Eight Technical and post-doctoral staff from SCMH have elected to be seconded to the Lighthouse Lab to analyse COVID-19 samples. 

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The skills and expertise they possess have made the transition to this work very easy.  We applaud their dedication in the Fight against the Pandemic.

Lighthouse Lab Nic Group Image 
SCMH Staff expressed how rewarding the work is and the fantastic team spirit amongst the staff who come from various schools across the University.

Elaine at lighthouse lab

Wai and Lisa at lighthouse lab

 Lisa at lighthouse lab profile

Lisa McArthur is one of the SCMH researchers who has volunteered her skills as a researcher to help at the Lighthouse Lab Covid-19 testing centre at the university.

Hear from Lisa in the BHF Video: Lighthouse Lab Covid-19 testing centre at the university.




We thank you all for your hard work and dedication.

** The Lighthouse Lab in Glasgow is now recruiting laboratory scientists/technicians, operational team leaders, operational assistants and manual sample handlers to join the team. University of Glasgow staff may be eligible for secondment from current roles (on existing Terms & Conditions) for up to nine months to support COVID-19 testing and also gain valuable work experience. Any staff interested in secondments should speak to their line managers before applying (weblinks: Operational Team Leader; Operational Assistant; Sample Handler; Laboratory Scientist


First published: 6 June 2020