SCMH Staff awarded Wellcome Trust ISSF Equalities grant

Congratulations to the team, Drs. Stacy Robertson, Francisco Rios, Paul Welsh and Augusto Montezano who were awarded a Wellcome Trust ISSF Equalities grant to fund activities to improving equality and diversity in SCMH.

wellcome trust logoThe Wellcome Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF) helps to support research at the University of Glasgow related to Wellcome's research goals. 

  • Developing researchers across multiple disciplines through a variety of funding awards
  • Promoting research activity in Early Career Researchers
  • Achieving knowledge transfer across the scientific community
  • Promotion of Gender Equality and support for researchers with other commitments
  • Enabling quality research by providing access to specialist services in high-throughput omics data generation, and key resources such as data analysis software
  • Supporting staff and students to celebrate, share, and connect the university’s world changing research with the public

cardiovascular and medical sciences awarded Athena Swan Silver awardThe proposal is under the Athena Swan Silver Award and aims to create an environment in SCMH that will equitably nurture early careers researchers, and therefore improve equality and diversity.

Funds will be used to host 2 ECR away days and to set up ‘INVITE’ (SCMH Network for VIsiTing ECRs) which will see ECRs develop cross-university peer support networks to foster both research and career collaborations.

Additionally, we would like to incentivise sustainable actions that will help us support better and equitable career transitions.
In the future, these initiatives would be embedded as part of our ongoing action plan and a part of life in the school.

First published: 3 June 2020