Connor Blair Wins Innovator of the Future at the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards

PhD student Connor Blair attended the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards and won the “Scottish Innovator of the Future” award.

After having received the Scottish Knowledge Exchange Award – Innovator of the Future – I was asked what this award meant to me. I replied by saying that:
‘Innovation within Scotland is absolutely world-class. So to be considered as an innovator, never mind winning an award for my innovation, is unbelievable and very humbling. I firmly believe I have the best job in the world, so to be given this award for essentially doing what I love makes it even more incredible’

Image of Connor Award
Special thanks to both my primary advisors:
‘A huge thank you to everyone who supported my application at the University of Glasgow and Portage. And a special thank you to both my primary advisors, George Baillie (CSO) and Frank Marcoux (CEO) who over the past 2 years have done nothing but support and trust me as a researcher. Winning this award would not have been possible without them.’

Image of Connor Award

Professor George Ballie was there to support Connor: “Connor's aptitude to succeed stems from his unique ability to deal with a variety of inputs from a diverse collection of people (e.g. Company representatives, Research and innovation office, fellow researchers at the bench, and supervisory advice from me) and distil them into a pragmatic, innovative plan which efficiently keeps the projects moving forward. I have seldom seen organisational and entrepreneurial acumen synergise in such a way.”

Image of Connor & George


First published: 13 March 2020