SCMH Students on being awarded a Degree of PHD

Image of Samme El Mansi

Dr Sammy El-Mansi - Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for his thesis entitled 'Investigating the role of angiotensin-(1-9) in neointimal formation'.

Image of Amy Tibbo

Dr Amy Tibbo - Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for her thesis entitled ‘Compartmentalized cAMP Signalling via the PDE4-Popeye Protein Complex’. 

Image of Tulli Maria

Dr Tuuli Maria Hietamies - Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for her thesis entitled ‘The role of mitochondrial stability and its therapeutic targeting in a preclinical stroke model’. 

Image of Dr Zou

Dr Zhiguo Zou - Awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for the thesis entitled ‘Regulation of the Mg2+ transporter TRPM7 by growth factors - implications in vascular function in health and disease’. 

These awards stand alone proudly witnessing our students hard work and dedication. We congratulate you all on your success and extend our best wishes for your future career.

First published: 16 November 2018