SCMH Athena Swan


We all recognise that it is important for us to understand how lockdown, working from home, and changes to life-work dynamics are impacting our colleagues, and whether there is anything practical SCMH can do to help.

The Athena SWAN SAT therefore ran a COVID-19 pulse survey (approx. 33% of SCMH) responded. The overall picture of impact was very diverse, with 43% of staff saying they felt they had adapted well, but 57% reported they found the changes more challenging. Colleagues felt similarly split about work productivity, and the impact of lockdown restrictions on their mental health.

More reassuringly, 77% of staff felt at least moderately supported by the school and 85% reported that they felt that they were being reasonably kept up to date with SCMH business.

Although there are clearly many challenges to the situation we find ourselves please be assured that, however you have been impacted from a work perspective, you are not alone. In the coming weeks we will be discussing how best to help support colleagues and respond to some of the concerns raised.

Meantime, it is important to know for staff and students that the University does have trained counsellors and support, free of charge, for anyone experiencing mental health issues:


First published: 6 December 2019