Translational funding is now available from the UKRI BBSRC Impact Accelerator Account (IAA)

UofG ukri bbsrc logoDear Colleagues,

Translational funding is now available from the UKRI BBSRC Impact Accelerator Account (IAA), through the Translational Research Initiative Management Team (TRI MT).

The broad aim of the BBSRC IAA is to facilitate the impact agenda, including forging new collaborations with industry and strengthening existing external, non-academic collaborations. One key aspect of this is to support knowledge exchange and early-stage commercialisation projects to the point at which further funding can be successfully sought.

To this end, we are seeking to fund early-stage translational projects that require financial support to take the first steps along the translational pathway. Activities can include prototype evaluation, proof-of-concept studies, pump-priming of initial trials and scoping exercises. Projects that include an external collaborator(s) will be received favourably by the TRI review panel.

The scheme is open to PIs with current or past BBSRC funding relating to the proposed IAA project. Supported projects should aim to provide sufficient preliminary data to establish the viability of an approach before seeking more substantive funding, for example from BBSRC Follow on Funding (FoF).

Please note that IAA funding is not intended to support:

  • Entire translational projects
  • Fundamental/basic research activities
  • Indirect costs
  • Bridging funds for staff between posts/funding
  • IP costs

Project awards are expected to be up to £20k in value with objectives completed within 6-12 months of the award date.

BBSRC IAA also supports partnership development and talent mobility.

Application process
A rolling call for projects is open.

Applications should be made via the Development Grant Application Form which can be emailed to

For more information, contact Chris Mort or Louise Mason.


First published: 3 September 2020