Internal SCMH Reflection of Research Image Award

The most engaging, exciting and creative image is awarded by SCMH Reflection of Research 2019.

Image of 2 people holding a Certificate

Congratulations to this year's winner Dr Augusto Montezano on winning this award for the above image of "Fibrosis Crafted World".

This winning image depicts the process of kidney fibrosis, which is a disease mechanism responsible for organ loss of function and structure. It resembles in red the accumulation of scar tissue due to inflammation, leading to kidney dysfunction.

We hope to understand the molecular mechanisms of fibrosis and how oxidative stress influences it. The importance of our image/research comes from the fact that even though anti-hypertensive drugs development is a success in medicine, more and more patients still die from it and associated complications. We believe that understanding the role of oxidative stress in hypertension, will help us to develop better treatment strategies and improve outcomes.

The idea to host our own internal competition was inspired by the British Heart Foundation who hold their "Reflection of Research Image" contest every year. The annual competition, which started in 2005, reflects the ground-breaking research through creative images and brings to life the cutting-edge work of heart and circulatory researchers across the UK.

The most engaging, exciting and creative image is awarded the British Heart Foundation’s Reflection of Research Judges' Winner by a panel of judges. The panel also decide on a runner-up, and the BHF's Facebook supporters pick the People’s Favourite. The winning images have been featured in national press, on the BBC and in exhibitions around the country, including in front of the London Eye.

Although an SCMH entry has not won the BHF's award (yet!) our researchers submit some fantastic and creative images which reflect the ground-breaking research taking place here at the School.

After the success of this year's SCMH competition, we look forward to organising future Reflection of Research competitions and seeing how our researchers showcase their ground-breaking work in creative ways. This may also encourage researchers to submit their images to the BHF's competition too. 


First published: 30 July 2019