Two papers in Circulation from Dr Paul Welsh and the Metabolic Medicine team

Congratulations to Dr Paul Welsh, Prof Naveed Sattar, and the Metabolic Medicine team who have two papers published in Circulation in the last few weeks.    In the Generation Scotland Study they shed new light on the potential use of cardiac troponin measures in the general population:

Image of Naveed Sattar

The study shows that high-sensitivity cardiac troponin I and troponin T assays, which were previously considered interchangeable, have different associations with health outcomes, including specific cardiovascular disease outcomes, in the general population.

Following on from this, in a paper led by Dr Claire Welsh, they used the UK Biobank study to investigate different lipid and lipoprotein measures in the prediction of cardiovascular disease:

The paper shows that measurement of traditional total cholesterol and HDL-C is sufficient to capture the lipid-associated risk in CVD prediction. The accompanying editorial summarizes the findings

Image of Paul WelshPaul Welsh comments that “with these two fabulous data sources to work with , we are going to be busy for some time to come!”


First published: 14 August 2019