Angela Bradshaw Farewell

We all bid farewell to Dr Angela Bradshaw at the end of April as she will be now be working as a Project Officer at Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg .

She was a remarkable colleague who has spent nearly 7 years working with us. The roles that she played have really made a big difference in the workplace.

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We will miss Angela's valuable contributions. She always got the job done perfectly. Indeed, she was a mentor and an inspiration to many of us in the workplace.

Dr Bradshaw co-founded the Network for Early Career Research Development (NERD) about 2 years ago and since then the network has provided excellent training and advice for students. Angela's enthusiasm and eagerness to help ERCs and make them aware of opportunities to enhance their studies and future career helped make NERD so successful. The network will continue and the team are grateful for Angela who played big part in delivering the outcomes and thank her for her hard work. Read their farewell to Angela in the NERD announcement section 

We are proud to have called you a member of SCMH. Her contributions towards our shared success will stay in our hearts forever. Although her leaving made us sad, the sweet memories of working with her will be remembered always.

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Thank you for being an invaluable member of SCMH and we wish you all the best for the future

First published: 23 May 2019