Factors associated with stillbirth in women with diabetes

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We would like to congratulate Dr Sharon Mackin, Dr Robert Lindsay and all the collaborators across University of Glasgow and Edinburgh as their recent study has achieved a very high rating on the Altmetric Score and has reached several media outlets including the BBC and the Independent and so far, Altmetric has seen 110 tweets from 103 users, with an upper bound of 140,595 followers.

Their research which identifies “Factors associated with stillbirth in women with diabetes” was first published in Diabetologia on 29th July 2019 and has encouraged important discussions on social media to which Dr Mackin has expertly responded.

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Dr Mackin elaborates on their research:

"We have previously shown that stillbirth in pregnancy complicated by diabetes is up to 5-fold higher than in women without diabetes. However, it remains a major clinical challenge to identify which mothers are at most risk. We explored our national obstetric outcome data to see if we could determine the risk factors associated with stillbirth in diabetes. In type 1 diabetes, higher blood glucose throughout pregnancy was associated whilst in type 2, higher blood glucose and maternal BMI before pregnancy were most strongly linked, highlighting the importance of good prepregnancy preparation. Babies born small and large for gestational age were at increased risk. The majority of stillbirths occurred preterm (<37 weeks) but one third occurred after 37 weeks.  Could routine earlier delivery have prevented these term stillbirths? Our research does not answer this question but poses an interesting question for future work. We urgently need better methods to predict risk of stillbirth in these high risk pregnancies."



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First published: 15 August 2019