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Peer Review in SCMH

In an increasingly competitive academic environment it is ever more important to submit high quality proposals that maximise our chances of success. Among the support, that your TRM team can provide to staff to achieve this, is to ensure that we provide robust and supportive internal peer review of proposals in a timely and constructive manner. Importantly, the process must allow appropriate turnaround time for reviewers, applicants and research management staff involved.

It is essential that arrangements and timing of peer review are agreed with the reviewer at the earliest possible stage. Review needs to be sufficiently early for feedback to inform the development and finalisation of the proposal. Bearing this in mind, please be reminded of the timescales with regard to internal peer review. Ideally, the review is to be undertaken when the application is close to a final draft - typically at least 3-4 weeks ahead of the application submission deadline. This timetable will afford sufficient time to incorporate feedback and meet the University’s administrative deadlines for grant submission. We ask that all members of staff comply with these guidelines.

Full details of the process have been circulated previously and can be accessed HERE