SCMH Staff and Students offered a morning of Blood pressure checks at Partick Thistle Football Club

Icams staff and students give Blood Pressure Checks

As part of World Hypertension Day 2022, some of the SCMH staff and students offered a morning of blood pressure checks at Partick Thistle Football Club, Firhill on Thursday 19th May.

It was a bumper day at the stadium, and they had some of the Partick Thistle Charitable Trust teams playing on the Firhill pitch. Fans were encouraged to attend Firhill to support the teams and get their blood pressure checked, free of charge, which was well received by the attending public and players.

Dr. Laura Hagg and Janice Richardson also used the opportunity to share information on the ReDIRECT study to reach out to a diverse group of potential participants.

Left to right: Janice Richardson, Marie Curie Research Fellows (MINDSHIFT project): Samuel Adu, Dellaneira Setjiadi, Parisa Rezvanisanijouybari, Ngoc Uyen Tran, Dr. Laura Hagg, Research Assistant (ReDIRECT Study), Gerry Britton, Chief Executive, Partick Thistle Football Club.

First published: 14 June 2022