Recent Successful Research Awards:


 Professor Rhian Touyz 'Vascular Noxs as therapeutic targets and biomarkers in hypertension' British Heart Foundation (BHF) £1,471,259 (2018-2023) ‌


Image of TomDr Tom Van Agtmael, Co-Investigator: Professor Sandosh Padmanabhan Collagen IV variants and their role in intracerebral haemorrhage in the general population Medical Research Council (MRC) £706,134

Dr Tom Van Agtmael,
Co-Investigators: Professor Christopher Loughrey, Professor Godfrey Smith 'Elucidation of molecular pathways underlying cardiac disease caused by Col4a1 mutations' Heart Research UK £72,893 (2018 – 2021)

Jesse Dawson Profile picture


Professor Jesse Dawson 'Trimeths – A novel urinary biomarker for minor stroke and transient ischaemic attack' Chief Scientist Office (CSO) £279,195

Professor Jesse Dawson 'Stroke/Imaging Block Award' The R S Macdonald Charitable Trust £40,000 (2018-2019)

Professor Jason Gill Co-Investigator: Dr Stuart Gray ‘Development of nutritional strategies for diabetes prevention in Malawian adults at high diabetes risk’ Medical Research Council (MRC) £186,589 (2018-2019)



Image of Lorraine Work


Dr Lorraine Work Co-Investigator: Dr Terence Quinn 'Improving consistency and application of outcome measures in preclinical models of vascular cognitive impairment' Alzheimer`s Research UK £3,000 (2018-2018)












First published: 10 January 2018