The Lancet - Primary care-led weight management for remission of type 2 diabetes

Glasgow University investigators (Led by Prof Mike Lean) together with Newcastle University colleagues (led by Prof Roy Taylor), reported a new trial which demonstrated nearly half of all diabetes patients within 6 years of diagnosis can experience a remission of their diabetes via significant weight loss induced by lifestyle changes carried out in primary care. Image of a group of peoplePhotograph (L-R); Prof Mike Lean (Medicine), Prof  Roy Taylor(Newcastle University), Prof Naveed Sattar (SCMH), Dr Paul Welsh (SCMH) 

The team involved Naveed Sattar and Paul Welsh from SCMH. Prof Sattar helped trial design and was part of the group of five that drafted paper, whereas Dr Welsh directed key laboratory measurements (with help of excellent technical staff) which underpinned key outcomes and also helped other aspects of trial and write up.

Prof Sattar commented ”this trial is a major advance in diabetes since it shows that significant and sustained weight loss can be achieved by lifestyle measures in primary with careful nurse and dietician training. We need to continue to follow up the patients for subsequent years to see how well they are doing, but for now, this trial brings the potential of diabetes remission to the clinic. Many people around the world (and media) are therefore highly interested in our results which may have rapid clinical translation.”

Dr Welsh commented "I am delighted to be involved in and gain more experience in this clinical trial. Undertaking such trials is no easy task and involves a big team but when results come together, it is satisfying to see positive outcomes which can improve outcomes for many patients around the world.”

The trial was presented in Abu Dhabi where Prof Sattar chaired his colleagues in revealing the results which were simultaneously published in the Lancet. 

Image of Lancet Paper

First published: 20 December 2017