The postgraduate research (PGR) student profile system

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If you currently have a profile:
You will need to complete this process as the University is storing your acknowledgement of the privacy notice and terms & conditions digitally. If you do not agree to the privacy notice and/or the terms & conditions, your page will be removed from the server in future.

Your current profile and its content will be moved to a new location outside of your school so the link to your profile will now be[yourname] but you will not lose any of the current content. This will be moved across automatically when you complete the registration process. During the process, we will also link your publication data to your Enlighten record [].

The postgraduate research (PGR) student profile system has moved it to digital application.

If you do not have a profile:
This new process will allow you to create and maintain your profile, giving you a space to share information on your research as well as your publications, grants and conferences. Your page will be linked from your supervisor's web profile and appear with the school's PGR student list (if one exists).

Access the new system:

For security reasons this page can only be accessed using the university VPN [] or remote desktop.

If you have any problems with the registration process, please get in touch:

First published: 20 October 2020