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We believe that Facebook is not only undeniably crucial to keeping up to date with events and updates, it is a base superstructure for friendships and networking for many. 

The infiltration of social media into our everyday lives has transformed the way in which people communicate, do business and is even beginning to change the way in which higher education institutions teach their students. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to explore the views of students regarding the use of Facebook for upcoming events and updates. 

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This article is to explore the following objectives:

1) To examine how (if at all) students currently use Facebook as part of their learning activities.

2) To explore students’ use of and views on SCMH Facebook page.

3) What students like to see more on Facebook.

ISCMH FB Page aim to provide as much information as possible for staff and students to keep up to date with upcoming events, Lecture, opporunities and Awards, however we encourage our students to provide us with some fun and creative stuff to be shared on our page. 

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First published: 20 February 2020