Portage Glasgow Limited:Disrupting Disease with Selective Peptide Therapeutics

Portage Glasgow Limited: Disrupting Disease with Selective Peptide Therapeutics

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Portage Glasgow Limited (PGL) is a joint venture biotechnology start-up incorporated by Portage Pharmaceuticals Limited and the University of Glasgow (UofG).  PGL focuses on the discovery and development of highly selective novel cell-penetrating peptide therapeutics directed at disrupting key disease-linked protein-protein interactions. Utilising their high-throughput drug discovery platform, PGL has developed an impressive therapeutic portfolio encompassing a bold range of clinical areas including cancer, immunotherapy, cardiovascular disease and ageing / age-related disease.

Connor Blair, PGL’s Principle Scientist and UofG final year PhD student, is a finalist in both the Glasgow Knowledge Exchange & Public Engagement Awards [‘Glasgow Entrepreneur of the Year’] and Scottish Knowledge Exchange Awards [‘Innovator of the Future’] as a result of his success at the company since its foundation 2 years ago.

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Connor is responsible for managing and driving all PGL's drug discovery programs, with two patents already being secured on assets he invented (co-owned by UofG and PGL). These discoveries have led to multiple collaborations being set up between PGL and world-leading research groups across the globe, including the USA, Austria, Japan and the UK. PGL’s leading cancer program, focused on developing novel inhibitors of the oncogenic RAS-signalling pathway, has demonstrated early pre-clinical translation in an animal model of malignant melanoma1,2. As a result, PGL are now collaborating with the UofG Precision-PANC research facility, investigating the therapeutic potential of these compounds in pancreatic cancer. PGL are working closely with world-leading experts (basic scientists and clinicians) in the field of precision medicine and pancreatic cancer, strategically designing a translational path forward in the hope that these compounds will one day reach the clinic and benefit patients.

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Portage Glasgow Limited

CEO: Frank W. Marcoux

CSO: George S. Baillie

Principal Scientist: Connor M. Blair


First published: 14 February 2020