Textbook of Vascular Biomedicine

We are very grateful to all authors who contributed chapters to our Textbook of Vascular Biomedicine. The book will contain more than 40 chapters covering anatomy, physiology, signalling, imaging and a range of clinical conditions from hypertension to diabetes and heart failure. It will guide students and early career researchers who are new in the field but will hopefully also be a good read for those who are already working on various aspects of vascular biomedicine. The idea of the textbook came from our work with students and staff within the BHF Centre of Research Excellence but it has grown into a genuine SCMH initiative, supported by many friends and colleagues in the UK and worldwide.

We are delighted to let you know that all chapters have been submitted and are currently undergoing final checks by the editorial team. We were advised by Springer that production will begin shortly - we cannot wait to see the result!

Thank you very much for supporting this project.

Rhian and Christian   ‌‌

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First published: 21 February 2019