Signal Transduction

Image of George Baillie

An article stemming from a collaboration between the laboratories of Mikel Garcia-Marcos (Boston University School of Medicine, Boston, USA) and Professor George Baillie (SCMH) has been selected as the best paper in The Journal of Biological Chemistry for 2018 in the “Signal Transduction” category.

The associate editors looked through hundreds of papers to come up with what they felt best represented the exciting advances reported in JBC last year, and were very pleased to select the article entitled “A biochemical and genetic discovery pipeline identifies PLCδ4b as a non-receptor activator of heterotrimeric G-proteins”.

The article identifies phospholipase C as a novel G-protein activator providing an alternative to canonical activation by G-protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs). Peptide array technology provided by the Baillie lab is integral to the experimental pipeline that can discover and characterize Gα-binding-and-activating (GBA) motif containing proteins.

First published: 20 February 2019