Mission Statement

The School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health, in conjunction with the guidelines published by the University Safety Committee and the Safety Committee of the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board,  is committed to maintaining and enhancing the Health and Safety of all staff, students, patients and visitors to benefit individual well-being and accomplish high standards of medical care, research and teaching within the School.

This will be achieved by:

  • Promotion of Health & Safety practices within the School. 
  • Effective assessment and management of risks.
  • Provision of Health and Safety Training with an opportunity for all to participate.
  • Establishment of a Health and Safety Committee, with designated Safety Officers at each site.
  • Adherence to Statutory Regulations, policies determined by the University of Glasgow and NHS and the development of School guidelines.

 If any member of staff has any suggestions or comments regarding the above statement please address contributions to Dr Wai Kwong Lee (Chair of the School’s Health & Safety Committee), Wai.lee@glasgow.ac.uk or 0141 330 2393).