International Students

Health & SafetyHealth & SafetyWe would like to extend a warm welcome to you on joining the School of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health (SCMH). SCMH recognises the positive impact that international students bring to our training programmes and has a large and diverse international post-graduate research student community that is continually expanding and flourishing. We take pride in the fact that at least 45% of our post-graduate research students come from as many as 20 different countries outside of the UK.

As a newly arriving international student, SCMH offers three main sources of support to assist with your transition into our student community:

  1. International Student Welcoming Committee
  2. International Student Forum
  3. Annual international student survey

International Student Welcoming Committee
As part of our commitment to our SCMH international student community we recognise the challenges each international student faces when arriving in a new country for the first time and have therefore formed an SCMH International Student Welcoming Committee whose role it is to:

  1. personally meet with you during your first week in SCMH
  2. provide guidance and orientation on several important aspects of the University system

The committee is chaired by Dr. Christopher Loughrey and all enquiries should be directed to him in the first instance using the following email address:

The committee is composed of the following staff/fellows:

International Student Forum
The international student forum is an opportunity for all international PGR research students to meet and share their experiences with both one another and senior members of SCMH staff in an informal setting. It is held twice a year.

Annual International Student Survey
The annual international student survey captures the positive and any negative experiences international students experience when studying within SCMH. The survey provides important information we can utilise to ensure excellence in our training programmes and thereby continue to inspire the next generation of cardiovascular scientists.

Additional Important Information for International Students
Please find below a list of links that contain information that may be helpful to you both before and after your arrival in the UK.