Selling Yourself – If you can’t do it, who can?

What is this workshop about?

At this workshop you will get the opportunity to improve your self-confidence by learning how to apply the principles of the 7 stages of the sales process model to job applications, interviews and time pressured presentations.

What are the benefits of taking this workshop?

You will be able to draw on your inner strengths and develop a belief in yourself as an asset to potential employers, by being confident when under pressure in interview and personal presentation contexts.

What will happen at the workshop?

You will examine the 7 steps of the sales process and focus on those steps with particular relevance to interview and presentation scenarios. The workshop director will prepare short 2 minute videos that will showcase your individual talents.

Who is leading this workshop?

This workshop will be led by Dr Paul Ferri, Senior Lecturer in International Business and Entrepreneurship at the Adam Smith Business School. Paul has a passion about sales and selling. Prior to being an academic, Paul was in professional B2B sales for over 20 years.