Ethics and Social Justice in Consumption

The Ethics in Consumption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives team warmly invite you to attend a workshop on Ethics and Social Justice in Consumption.

Event details

Date: 10 September 2016

Time: 9.30am-12.30pm

Venue: Room 305, Main Building, Gilmorehill Campus, University of Glasgow (maps and directions)

Registration: Places to this event are free, yet limited. To attend please register in advance: Social Justice in Consumption.

The intention of the workshop is to significantly improve access to issues relating to consumption ethics for secondary school teachers engaged across the curriculum in areas, including: expressive arts, social studies, health and wellbeing, technologies and linked to specific disciplines (including, for example, home economics, history, geography, modern studies. Specifically, values related to sustainability, equality and justice will be considered from local and global perspectives to promote social, cultural and ecological sustainable citizenship both currently and for future generations.

A key objective of this seminar is to provide teachers with material to critically consider the role and impetus of key areas relating to consumption ethics. The multifaceted nature of consumption ethics has become more pronounced in recent decades as consumer culture has established itself as a normalised aspect of everyday life. No longer bound to the counter-cultural fringes, ethical concerns and practices are reaching into the mainstream of society. Interest is not restricted to those seeking to practise ethics in consumption, this burgeoning movement is drawing the attention of academics, activist organisations, government bodies, journalists, media, celebrities, primary industry, manufacturing sectors, art, design, architecture and retailers, thus, embedding consumption ethics in the fabric of broader society.

As this workshop has come about following an expression of interest by teachers, the organisers would be keen to hear from those interested in participating if there are any specific areas they would like to see designed in to the seminar.

Further information

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