Consumption Ethics and the Individual

The first seminar of the series took place on the 5th February 2015 and was hosted by Royal Holloway University of London. The seminar was entitled 'Consumption Ethics and the Individual' and included presentations from four guest speakers. A copy of the programme is available: Programme.

There has been considerable attention and ongoing interest in the role of the individual decision maker in consumption ethics. It is observed that in an individualised culture we increasingly face the consequences of our consumer choices without the benefit of traditions to guide us. We, thus, find consumers working-up their moral selves in complex cultural conditions.

This seminar explored how ethics mediates ethical frameworks, consumption and identities as consumers. Exploring research across different identity projects the transitional nature of ethical values, conflicts and challenges to action was also explored.


Professor Kate Soper

Arts and Humanities, University of Brighton

Kate's presentation was entitled 'Towards a sustainable flourishing: ethical consumption and the politics of prosperity'. A copy of the presentation is available to download: Professor Kate Soper (pdf, 4179kb)‌

Professor John Thøgersen‌ and Dr Judith De Groot

Business Administration, Aarhus University;  ‌School of Management, University of Bath

John and Judith carried out a joint presentation on 'Morality and Green Consumer Behaviour: A Psychological Perspective' which covered green consumer behaviour in expectancy-value models; green consumer behaviour in moral norm models; risks of focusing on non-moral consequences; and when and how to use moral and non-moral arguments for promoting green consumer behaviour. Their presentation is available to download: Dr Judith de Groot and Professor John Thogersen (pdf, 1424kb)‌

Dr Karen Wenell

Department of Theology and Religion, University of Birmingham

You can now download Karen's presentation on 'The Supramoral Self: Religion, Space and the Ethical Consumer': Dr Karen Wenell (pdf, 506kb)‌