Ethical Insights – How can ethical consumerism make a difference to workers’ rights and broader ethical issues?

Consumers are known to say one thing but do another. This has been particularly the case where ethical issues are concerned. This session will explore why this gap between attitude and behaviour exists and what companies and consumers can do to address it. As consumers ourselves, what can we do to help bridge this gap? What about the conflicting responsibilities we may have towards our families, immediate and distant others? Should businesses assist concerned consumers to consider the social relations underlying the production of their commodities? And how much difference will it make if the problems facing workers are rooted in the very structure of the industry?

Our speakers are experts in the field and will offer a perspective based on research and best practice. Join us for breakfast and come ready for debate!

Researchers from University of Glasgow, Royal Holloway University London and University of Leicester have worked extensively on the topic of consumption ethics. They will offer an academic perspective, based on their teaching and research in this area, as organisers of the Ethics in Consumption seminar series.


Video credit: Ethical Trading Initiative

Event details

Date: Tuesday 21 June 2016

Venue: Ethical Trading Initiative, 8 Coldbath Square, London, EC1 5HL


  • Deirdre Shaw, Professor Marketing and Consumer Research, University of Glasgow
  • Andreas Chatzidakis, Senior Lecturer, Royal Holloway University London
  • Helen Goworek, Lecturer in Creative Marketing, University of Leicester

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