Cross-cultural Issues in Consumption Ethics

We were delighted to hold the fourth seminar of the ESRC Ethics in Consumption: Interdisciplinary Perspectives seminar series at Royal Holloway, University of London, on 14 January 2016, entitled Cross-cultural Issues in Consumption Ethics. This seminar explored the interwoven notions of ethics and culture, focusing on cultural influences and cross-cultural variations and similarities in consumption ethics.

An increase in concern for and practices of ethical consumption can be observed not just in Western countries but around the world. While limited, research has revealed variations and tensions in approaches to consumption ethics across countries. As consumers and citizens have mobilised in protest against international organisations, such as the WTO, World Bank and IMF and the numerous transgressions of international corporations it is pertinent to understand how consumption ethics may differ in societies across the world.

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Guest speakers

Cross-cultural issues in consumption ethicsDr Dorothea Kleine
Department of Geography, University of London

Topic: Conscious/responsible/ethical consumption and the messy ethics of everyday care: Research in Chile, Brazil and UK 

Presentation: Conscious/responsible/ethical consumption and the messy ethics of everyday care (PDF)



Peter LuetchfordPeter Luetchford
Department of Anthropology, University of Sussex

Topic: A Problem with Pizza: Reflections on Authenticity and Ethical Consumption in Rural Andalusia




Timothy DevinneyProfessor Timothy Devinney
Business School, University of Leeds

Topic: General Social, Political and Ethical Preferences as a Means of Understanding the Failure of Ethical Consumption, Presentation (pdf) 


A programme of the seminar is now available: Cross-cultural Issues in Consumption Ethics (pdf, 102kb)