IBE: Studying creative ecosystems for social innovation

Professor Stephan Manning, University of Sussex

'Studying Creative Ecosystems for Social Innovation: The Case of Impact Film Producers'
Tuesday 14 December, 3pm - 4pm
Zoom online seminar

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Seminar overview

Social innovation, i.e. the deliberate change of social practices, structures and regulations to address social problems, is driven by various forces, including social movements, government agendas and multi-stakeholder processes. With the rise of social media and digital platforms, social innovation processes are increasingly shaped by creative content. Within this context, new intermediaries have emerged, so-called impact producers, whose mission is to link the development of fictional and documentary films with social and political campaigns. This presentation shares some mechanisms by which films have been used as vehicles for social change, based on anecdotal evidence. The goal is to stimulate a broader debate and research agenda on boundary-crossing processes and agency affecting social change and innovation.  


Stephan is a Professor of Strategy and Innovation in the University of Sussex Business School, Department of Strategy and Marketing. He joined the University of Sussex in 2019. Previously, he worked at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Duke University and Free University Berlin. He has been Visiting Scholar at Copenhagen Business School, Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management, and Imperial College London. Stephan's current research focuses on the interplay between business strategy, social innovation and international development. He studies strategic responses to global challenges, such as sustainability; the interplay between global value chains and development; and social innovation and entrepreneurship. Related to the latter, he has also studied strategies of project entrepreneurs and the emergence of project network organizations. He has done field research in China, Germany, Guatemala, Kenya, Romania, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda and the United States.

Further information: business-school-research@glasgow.ac.uk 

First published: 29 November 2021