Management: Empowering leadership and organizational justice

Professor Tomoki Sekiguchi, Kyoto University

'Empowering leadership and organizational justice in new normal: The role of media richness and digital literacy'
Monday 13 December, 1pm - 2.15pm
Zoom online seminar

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Integrating control theory and media richness theory, we examine how empowering leadership influences fairness perceptions among employees in the new working environment with varying degrees of virtual work, and how media richness and employees’ digital literacy moderate the relationship. Specifically, we theorize that empowering leadership increases fairness perceptions among employees, which is curvilinearly moderated by media richness. We further theorise that employees’ digital literacy changes the curvilinear moderation effect. Study 1, with a between-subject experimental design (N = 208), showed that video-conferencing had the highest moderating effect on the empowering leadership—fairness perception relationship than face-to-face, SNS, phone call, and E-mail. Study 2, a three-wave longitudinal survey study (N = 280) during the lockdown period of Covid-19, supported our three-way interaction model with the curvilinear moderating effect. These findings enable us to identify a novel mechanism of how virtual work plays a role in the relationship between empowering leadership and the perception of organizational justice.


Tomoki Sekiguchi is a Professor at the Graduate School of Management, Kyoto University, Japan. His research interests include employee behaviors, person-environment fit, hiring decision making, cross-cultural organizational behavior, and international human resource management. He currently serves as the Co-Editor-in-Chief of Applied Psychology: An International Review and the Associate Editor of Asian Business & Management. He is the President of the Euro-Asia Management Studies Association (EAMSA) and is the President of the Association of Japanese Business Studies (AJBS). His work has been published in such journals as Personnel Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, the Journal of World Business, the Journal of International Management, Management International Review, Human Resource Management Review, Human Resource Management, and the International Journal of Human Resource Management.

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First published: 29 November 2021