Seminars and Workshops

Seminars and Workshops


Date/Time Speaker and topic Venue

19 November 2018 (2pm)

Professor Trevor Buck, Adam Smith Business School
Topic: 'The attraction of FDI to conflited states: The counter-intuitive case of U.S. oil and gas'

Mr Sharif Alaydi, Doctoral researcher at Adam Smith Business School
Topic: 'Entrepreneurship in a very high risk environment: The Gaza Strip'

Mr Honglan Yu, Doctoral researcher at Adam Smith Business School
Topic: 'Export slowdown turnaround'

Main Building Room 305

3 December 2018 (2pm)

Dr Shubin Wu, University of Liverpool
Topic: 'Switching options and foreign entry decisions: The role of portfolio configuration'

Main Building Room 540A

24 January 2019 (1:30pm)

Professor Sachiko Yamao, Keio University
Topic: 'Justice perceptions, cognitive trust, and work-related outcomes of host-country national employees: Language perspective on the effect of justice'

Main Building Room 540A

11 February 2019 (5pm)

Dr Grace Ballor, European University Institute
Topic: 'Big Business and European Integration: Manufacturing the Single Market'

Main Building Lecture Theatre 206

14 February 2019 (3pm)

Professor Michal Frenkel, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Topic: 'Configuring Ex-Peripherality in International Management: The Role of the Colonial Heritage in Shaping Internationalization Strategies of MNCs from Emerging Economies' (Co-hosted by the HRM & OB Research Cluster)

Main Building Room 132

8 March 2019 (1pm)

Professor Constantine Katsikeas, Leeds University Business School
Topic: 'Developing an Effective Research Strategy for Publishing in Scholarly Academic Journals: Some Guideposts' (Co-hosted by the Marketing Research Cluster)

Main Building Lecture Theatre 206

9 May 2019 (1:30pm)

Professor Markus Fitza, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management
Topic: 'Nothing ventured, nothing gained: Parasite infection predicts engagement and success in entrepreneurship'

Main Building Room 305

29 May 2019 (4pm)

Dr Eric Monnet, Banque de France
Topic: 'Controlling Credit: Central Banking of Postwar Europe, 1945-1970s'

Professor Laurent Warlouzet, University of Littoral-Côte d'Opale
Topic: 'Governing Europe in a Globalizing World. Neoliberalism and Its Alternatives following the 1973 Oil Crisis'

Main Building Room 305