Improving financial literacy

The global financial crisis, growing levels of household debt and online financial fraud in the FinTech era have demonstrated the urgent need to improve financial literacy amongst members of the public. Professor Georgios Panos served as Principal Investigator on the EU Horizon 2020-funded PROFIT project. The PROFIT project has sought to promote financial awareness and improve the financial capability of citizens and market participants via the development of the PROFIT Platform. The platform will include resources such as financial educational toolkits and personalised recommendation systems to support financial management. This interdisciplinary project includes experts from accounting, finance, economics, information technology and education, as well as private third-sector institutional partners.

Sustainable data sharing and trading ecosystem

Professor Cathy Chen is collaborating with several University of Glasgow colleagues on an interdisciplinary EPSRC-funded project on 'Privacy-preserving and Secure Data Sharing and Trading Ecosystem for Distributed Wireless IoT Networks’. The so-called ‘PRISTINE’ project aims to establish a sustainable and secure data sharing and trading ecosystem from both technological and social aspects, in which bridging the gap between the two communities is critical. It brings together the complementary strengths of Professor Chen in economics and digital currencies, Dr Lei Zhang (Engineering) in DLT/blockchain and data science, Professor Muhammad Ali Imran (Engineering) in mobile sensor networks and machine learning, and Professor Simon Joss (Urban Studies) in social assessment of technology. Their work will be beneficial to stakeholders in cybersecurity, AI, FinTech, digital economics and networking disciplines by breaking the data monopolisation of the large tech companies.

Consultancy and expertise

Our researchers consult with central banks and private organisations around the world. They have shared their knowledge with stakeholders at the Bank of Italy, Bank of Portugal, Bank of Serbia, Bank for International Settlements and World Bank. If you are interested in collaborating with our researchers, please contact our Connections with Practice Team for further information.