Applied Economics Seminar Series 2023-2024

The Applied Economics Seminar Series allows distinguished researchers from other institutions to present their latest work.

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For further information and to register for individual seminars, please contact the Research Team.



13 September 2023
Professor Thomas Dohmen, University of Bonn

20 September 2023
Professor Jos Van Ommeren, Vrije University of Amsterdam

4 October 2023

11 October 2023
Dr Lucia Corno, Universitta Cattolica di Milano

18 October 2023
Dr Ines Helm, University of Munich

25 October 2023
Professor Jan Engelmann, University of Amsterdam

1 November 2023
Dr Diego Battiston, University of Edinburgh

8 November 2023
Professor Daniele Nosenzo, Aarhus University

15 November 2023
Professor Massimo Motta, University Pompeu Fabra

22 November 2023
Dr Matthias Sutter, Institute of Labor Economics

29 November 2023
Professor Lindsey MacMillan, University College London

14 February 2024
Dr Melanie Xue, London School of Economics

21 February 2024
Professor Aline Bütikofer, Norwegian School of Economics

28 February 2024
Professor Jesper Bagger, University of Edinburgh

6 March 2024
Professor Marina Agranov, Caltech University

14 March 2024
Dr Jonathan de Quidt, Queen Mary University of London

20 March 2024
Professor Gabrielle Fack, Dauphine University Paris

17 April 2024
Professor Emma Tominey, University of York

24 April 2024
Professor Jo Van Biesebrock, Leuven University

1 May 2024
Dr Gabriel Ulyssea, University College of London

8 May 2024
Professor Isabelle Brocas, University of Southern California

15 May 2024
Professor James Fenske, University of Warwick

22 May 2024
Professor Marco Leonardi, Universita degli Studi di Milano

29 May 2024
Professor Ian Burn, University of Liverpool

5 June 2024
Professor Nuno Palma, University of Manchester


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