Wards Accounting Seminar Series

Named after our prominent alumnus and donor, James Cusator Wards, the Wards Accounting Seminar Series invites eminent academics and research leaders from top fields and institutions to present their accounting research.

Abstracts and biographies for upcoming seminars can be found in our Research Seminars.

For further information and to register for individual seminars, please get in touch with the Research Team.


28 September 2022. 14:00
Noriaki Okamoto, Rikkyo University

9 November 2022. 13:00
Florian Gebreiter, Birmingham University

23 November 2022. 13:00
Stergios Leventis, International Hellenic University

7 December 2022. 14:00
Louise Ashley, Queen Mary University of London

18 January 2023. 13:00
Md Junaid Ashraf, Essex Business School

1 February 2023. 10:30
Basil Tucker, University of South Australia

1 March 2023. 13:00
Amir Amel-Zadeh, University of Oxford

12 April 2023. 13:00
Alan Sangster, University of Aberdeen

26 April 2023. 13:00
Christof Beuselinck, IÉSEG School of Management

3 May 2023. 13:00
Daniela Pianezzi, University of Verona

7 June 2023. 14:00
Trevor Hopper, University of Sussex


We foster a positive and productive environment for seminars through our Code of conduct.