About us

The University of Glasgow has a distinguished history of research in business related subjects that spans centuries, beginning with the establishment of the Chair in Moral Philosophy in 1727. This important role, which Adam Smith held in 1752, marks the birth of the subject of Political Economy at Glasgow.

Today, the School is home to enlightened research in the areas of Accounting & Finance, Economics and Management. Our research is rigorous and relevant to today’s business and policy environments. Staff at ASBS are engaged with practitioners, organisations, and academic institutions in the UK and abroad, to push the boundaries of knowledge and understanding of business and economics, and work to make a real impact on society.

Our academics have conducted research for public and private sector organisations around the world, financial consultants to Wall Street and City, the UK and Scottish governments, foreign governments and numerous central banks.

The School is made up of three subject areas: Accounting and Finance, Economics, and Management. In addition, there are ten research clusters that provide a focal point for research activity.

Research clusters

The School’s research clusters reflect key themes within the School and provide a platform for developing multi-disciplinary research links, as well as for connecting research with practice.

Within each group, members of staff undertake innovative theoretical scholarship, significant empirical research and knowledge exchange activities. This has included national and international inter-disciplinary collaborations, not only with academic researchers, but also policymakers and managers addressing issues ranging from the internationalisation of SMEs through to the role of audit in capital markets to the future tax and public spending implications of economic crises.

A distinctive feature of the research across the groups is the crossover between conceptual and practical dimensions of research. This reflects a concern with the relevance and impact of research on business and policy communities.