Seemanti Ghosh

Seemanti Ghosh

Tel:(0141) 330 6445

Address: Room 316, Adam Smith Building

PhD Topic:

‘Welfare Economics of considering Internal Constraints in Policy Interventions’

Research Interests:

Behavioural Economics, Behavioural Finance, Aspirations Failure


Professor Sayantan Ghosal and Professor Kenneth Gibb


Seemanti completed her Bachelor’s degree in Economics (Honours) from the St. Xavier’s College, University of Calcutta (2008). Post her Bachelor’s she worked in the Investment Banking industry as Risk Specialist for 5 years. She returned to academics and completed her MSc. Economics, Banking and Finance from University of Glasgow (2014) and pursued her PhD (Economics) from Sep ‘14 in the University of Glasgow itself. She is also a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the Department of Economics.


Cairncross Scholarship (2014), University of Glasgow