Rabab Al Hasni

Room 505, Adam Smith Building, 40 Bute Gardens, G12 8RT, Glasgow, UK
Tel: (0)141 330 8749

Research title: Small and Medium enterprises Access to Bank Lending in Oil based Economies Oman as case study

Research Summary

PhD topic

Financing SMEs in Oman

Research interests

Accounting, financial reporting, taxation system, financial auditing, financial resources and management and Computer Aided Audit Tool (CAAT)

Additional Information

(2009-2011) Executive Master in Business Administration (MBA)

(1999- 2004) Bachelor of Science in Business Accounting

Currently working as Head of the Internal Financial Control Section at Internal Audit department in the Ministry of Finance

Main experiences of audit profession concerning on audit trails, plan, fraud detection and investigation, reporting and enhance business environment policies and procedures within the entity.