Norazlin Ab-Aziz

11 Southpark Terrace, Glasgow, G12 8LG

Research Title

Institutionalisation Of Islamic Investment in Malaysia: Social Theories' Lenses

Research Summary

PhD Topic

Islamic Investment

Research Interests

Corporate Governance, Financial Institutions, Financial Markets.

Laws, Regulations & Risk Management, Institutionalisation.

Islamic Finance, Islamic Capital Market, Islamic Investment, Screening Methodology, Sharia Indices, Fund Management.


Che Azmi, A., Ab Aziz, N., Non, N., & Muhamad, R. (2016). Sharia disclosures: an exploratory study from the perspective of sharia-compliant companies and professional users. Journal of Islamic Accounting and Business Research, 7(3), 237-252.

Azmi, A., Non, N., & Ab Aziz, N. (2017). Challenges to Shariah Equity Screening, From Shariah Scholars' Perspective. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, 10(2).



Academic Trainee Scheme, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia for PhD.
MyBrain 15, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia for MEc.
Public Service Department of Malaysia for BEc.


2018 - British Academy Management (BAM) Corporate Governance Conference, Leeds, UK. "Collective Belief for Islamic Investments in Malaysia".

2017 - International Congress on Political, Economic and Social Studies (ICPESS), Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzgovina. "Collective Belief of Islamic Investment in Malaysia".

2017 - 5th International Conference on Policy Research trends - Nice, France. "Institutionalisation of Islamic Investment in Malaysia".

2015 - An Islamic Perspective of Accounting, Finance, Economics and Management (IPAFEM), Glasgow. "Comparisons of the Accounting Practices of Sharia - Compliant and Non-Sharia Compliant Companies".

2005 - Accounting, Commerce & Finance: An Islamic Perspective VI, Jakarta. "Shari'a Compliance Operations Among Malaysian Financial Institutions".

2004 - Accounting, Commerce & Finance: An Islamic Perspective V, Brisbane. "Perceptions of Bankers on Benefits & Issues of Selected Islamic Banking Products".

Additional Information

Industry Experience

Mutual Funds Industry - Project Management, Marketing & Business Development, Legal & Compliance.