Johanna Tiedemann

Office: Room 403, 11 Southpark Terrace, Glasgow

Research title: Aggregate Inequality and Macroeconomic Policy

Research Summary

I am a PhD candidate in Economics and my focus is on labour economics

I work in the fields of Macroeconomics and Labour Economics, using empirical methods together with quantitative structural models to address questions of labour income dynamics, insurance against income risk, income inequality and labour market mobility.



April 2019 – Currently Martin Niemoller Scholarship

2016 - Currently a scholarship by the Q-Step Research Centre/ Nuffield Foundation
2013-2016 Undergraduate studies scholarship by Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation.


Scottish Economic Society,
Applied Macreoeconomics and Finance, Thessaloniki, Greece

Degit, Moskow
Applied Macreoeconomics and Finance, Thessaloniki, Greece
Scottish Economic Society, Perth, UK


Graduate Courses

Spring Term (2018-current)

  • Quantitative Data Analysis

Undergraduate Courses

Winter Term (2016-current)

  • Quantitative Methods 1
  • Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences
  • Social Inequality in Education

Spring Term (2018-current)

  • Quantitative Methods 2
  • Economics 3: Economic Policies and Growth