James Baird

Email: j.baird.1@research.gla.ac.uk
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/james-baird-6a2421

Research title: How audit engagement leaders make audit opinion decisions; the impact of new audit methods, the compliance culture and systemic regulations on audit engagement leaders and their audit opinion decision-making

Research Summary

PhD Topic

How Audit Partners make decisions; the impact of systemic regulation, the compliance culture and changes in audit methods on audit partners and their decision-making.


James provides regular guest lectures across a number of courses at Adam Smith Business School, on topics including; Audit Quality; The Future of the Audit Profession; Fraud and The Auditor; An Overview of Mergers & Acquisitions Processes; Building Your Career Story.

James has joint teaching responsibilities for the Postgraduate course "Audit, Risk and Control".

Additional Information

James is a former Big 4 Managing Partner with over 30 years in Audit and related advisory services and is now an Honorary Professor of Adam Smith Business School.

He was Senior Partner for Deloitte in Scotland and NI, before becoming Managing Partner for Assurance and Risk Advisory and COO for Deloitte in Switzerland and a Senior Client Partner.

A former member of the Auditor Panel of the Global Public Policy Committee, which advises the Global CEOs of the 6 largest firms, James has extensive experience in: assurance and positive risk management in global businesses; advising Boards on governance and financial & business strategies; helping business leaders identify & manage strategic risks; supporting transactions, due diligence and capital markets activity; guiding global, cross-sector business transformation & innovation; and nurturing collaborative stakeholder relationships.

James is also the Non-Executive Director and the Chair of Audit Committee at Macfarlane Group Plc.