Heba Balatia



Hunterian Offices

Research title

The Influences of Anger and Sunk Cost Bias on Project Status: An Extension to Portfolios of Projects

Research summary

Her research aims to study the relationship between anger and the retention/termination decisions. It will also highlight the influence of sunk cost bias as one cognitive bias on the anger - retention/ termination decisions relationship. 


A three month Research Scholarship in Duisburg – Essen University/ Germany 2014 granted by the ministry of youth, science and innovation for the state of North Rhine Westphalia


  • The 12th Summer School 2018 of International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) / Adapting Behaviour in a fundamentally Uncertain World
  • The British Academy of Management Conference - September 2019
  • Experimental psychology Society Conference - April 2019


  • GTA for Organization Behaviour Course (Undergraduates Level1) and International Strategic Management (Postgraduates Level 5) 2018
  • GTA for two years in Birzeit University for Principles of Business Administration (Undergraduates Level 1) and Principles of Management (Undergraduates Level 2) and lecturing for Principles of Business Administration (Undergraduates Level 1) courses.