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Research Summary

PhD Title:

Understanding accounting, accountability and sustainable development goals practices of multi-national corporations within oil-rich developing countries


Literatures on natural resources allude that oil-rich developing countries (ODCs) suffer slow socio-economic growth and development. Extraction of these resources is largely capital intensive. Based on the investment and corporate capital structure, these resources are ‘corporationally and technically owned’ and mostly managed by multinational oil and gas companies (MNCs). Their postcolonial dynamics and neoliberal global capitalist ideologies including domination, subjugation and profit maximization agenda (PMA) may drive MNCs’ accounting, management control systems and accountability practices to fulfil their corporate agenda. However, most ODCs including Ghana have adopted the global ‘sustainable development goals’ (SDGs) agenda to facilitate sustainable socio-economic growth and development. Therefore, using the case study method, including ethnographic and content analysis approaches,  this work seeks to investigate, examine and understand the relevance of MNCs’ MCS within ODCs; how MNCs’ domination, subjugation and PMA affect their MCS; why and how ODCs accede to these domination and subjugation; and how these MNC’s postcolonial dynamics interact with their SDGs and accountability practices to impact upon the socio-economic growth and development of ODCs.



1.    Globalisation, governance, accountability and the natural resource ‘curse’: Implications for socio-economic growth of oil-rich developing countries (Adams et al., 2019). Journal: Resources Policy (ABS 2*).


2.    The role of country-level institutional factors in escaping the natural resource curse: Insights from Ghana. (Adams et al., 2018) Journal: Resources Policy (ABS 2*). https://doi.org/10.1016/j.resourpol.2018.03.005



    European Union Conference on Quantitative Risk Management (EURO-Conference 2018) at the University of Hull, UK

    Date: June 4, 2018

    Organised by: The International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER), Dublin-USA.

    Award: Certified Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM)




    Hull College, UK, Lecturer - Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), 19 March 2018-30 June 2018

    Henshaws Specialist College, Harrogate, UK - Teacher, 6 June 2017 - 15 March 2018

    Islamic University College, Ghana, Tutor - 12 July 2012 - 20 September 2016

    Additional Information

    I am an ambitious, self-motivated, and result-oriented person with keen interest in Accounting and Finance. I would like to join the academia to enhance my knowledge in Accounting and Finance and academic research to become a renowned professional lecturer and academic researcher in my field of study. 

    Research interest: Currently, my research interest focuses on understanding the role of Accounting and Accountability practices by globalisation/oil and gas multinational corporations (MNCs) operating within the oil-rich developing countries (ODCs) and how MNCs’ accounting and accountability practices impact the socio-economic growth and development of ODCs. 

    My passion in my field of study and the Accounting profession motivate me to understand how the accounting profession could positively be used to impact the profession, academia, organizations and society.