Christiana Sintou

Christiana Sintou

Room 402, 11 Southpark Terrace

Adam Smith Business School

University of Glasgow

Glasgow G12 8LG

Research Title

Three Essays on Household Finance

Research Summary

"Essays in Household Finance: Financial Literacy and Decision-Making".

Personal and household finance, behavioural and finacnial economics, labor finance.


Work in Progress:

"Financial Liberacy and Wage Expectations Among Students: Evidence from Russia and the U.S."

"Financial Literacy and Life Insurance Demand across Europe"

"Political Attitudes in Times of Crisis: The Role of Financial Literacy"


10.03.18 and 11.03.18 - "31st International Congress of Actuaries: ICA 2018", Berlin.

12.05.18 and 13.05.18 - "2018 Glasgow Economic Forum", Glasgow.

01.12.15 - "Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance Workshop", Botanics Suite, Hilton Grosvenor Hotel, University of Glasgow.


Training Programmes/Summer Schools

July 2017 - GSE Barcelona Summer School - Mircoeconometrics.

June 2016 - I.S.E.O. Summer 2016 (13th edition) "Looking forward: new challenges and opportunities for the World Economy" with Angus Deaton, Michael Spence and Joseph Stiglitz.

26-29 April 2016 - Policy Evaluation Methods Training program with Barabar Sianesi, UCL.

18 April 2016 - "GTA Statutory Training", Learning and Teaching Centre, University of Glasgow.

23-24 September 2015 - "Stata Programming for Social Surveys and Administrative Data Analysis", University of Edinburgh.

21 September 2015 - "Methods to Identify Causal Effects" - Master Class with Professor Sascha O. Becker, University of Edinburgh.

Additional Information

Graduated from the Economics Department of University of Ioannina (2013) and continued her studies with an MSc in Finance at the University of Macedonia, Greece (2014).  She is currently conduting her PhD studies in Financial Economics, at the University of Glasgow.  Her academic interests relate to behavioural, financial and labour economics and her current research projects are on financial literacy and economic and political behaviour.  During her PhD studies, she has served as a research assistance and a GTA at both graduate and undergraduate levels.  In addition, she is affiliated with PROFIT, a European Union funded project on the "Promotion of Financial Awareness and Stability" in Europe.