'So what is it you actually do?' with David Fenton, Chief Economist, TSB plc

'So what is it you actually do?' with David Fenton, Chief Economist, TSB plc

The Adam Smith Business School was pleased to welcome David Fenton, Chief Economist at TSB plc, as a guest speaker at the School’s Practitioner Seminar series on Friday, 20th February 2015 at the Business School Lecture Theatre 206. David's talk, titled ‘So what is it you actually do?’ covered three topics and was attended by Business School students across all subject areas:

  1. His path from an Undergraduate degree at the University of Glasgow to Chief Economist at TSB plc
  2. An overview of his current role, with reference to a recent research project
  3. Reflections on what he’s learned from 13 years as an economist in the financial sector

David has over 15 years’ experience in the financial services industry. Prior to working for TSB plc, he held a position of Senior Economist at RBS delivering analysis on how the economic environment affected the Bank’s corporate customers, including small and medium business enterprises.  Previous to this he held a role as Head of Microeconomics at RBS and Finance Executive for Ernst & Young.

The Practitioner Seminar series brings together prominent business professionals with Adam Smith Business School students to gain insights and opportunities into real-world business societies.


Photographs from this event are now available on Flickr

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